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Everyday Creativity is a five week series for busy New Yorkers seeking to slow down and explore their creativity. We’ll begin each class with restorative yoga & meditation, then offer fun guided artistic activities in drawing, play, movement, and music. Whether you're a professional artist or don't think of yourself as creative, this class will offer you the skills to see every action as your creative gesture, the world as your playground so that you can live happier, more creative, fulfilled lives.

Wednesday May 9, 16, 23, 30 and June 6
118 8th Street
Brooklyn, NY (very near the R/F/G trains)

$200 or $40 per class
All yoga and art materials included

Class 1: What Is Creativity And Creative Living?
Class 2: Opening To The World As It Is
Class 3: Your Senses As Your Gateway
Class 4: Letting Go of Results
Class 5: Creativity as Love